The words Motorsport Hill Climb conjure up a thin tyre'd car attempting to climb a muddy bank, with the passenger frantically bouncing up and down to aid traction. While there are such events this is not the sport I compete in. No this is SPEED HILL CLIMB. There are many courses (hills) in the UK and the sport dates back virtually to the beginnings of motoring itself, though in those days the sport was to actually see how far you could get up the hill!! Today the tarmac course is run by all types of cars right up to formula one powered single seaters reaching 60 mph in just a few seconds, and crossing the finish line at over 150 mph, a great feat considering that they are travelling up hill. One of the attractions of Gurston Down hill climb is the sheer beauty of the landscape, couple this with the atmosphere created by revving engines and excited crowds and you cant fail to see the attraction of the sport. See individual cars tackle the course from many vantage points. You are free to walk the paddock, talk to the drivers and look at their cars. Watch a Formula one single seater light up the tyres and make a run standing just feet away from the car!

When I started I attended the most excellent Gurston Down drivers school, I had an excellent day and was taught to drive the hill fast! Had a fantastic meal in the restaurant and got to run the hill eight times!! If you want a great day out with the family or fancy attending the school with your road going vehicle the you should check the GURSTON DOWN web site.

Very Special Thanks to the Gurston team for my great day!

Gurston Championship 3rd overall 2009

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