20/04/2011 Engine Overhaul. I pulled the engine and got it stripped down. It was evident that the issue was broken ring lands on Pistons, No 2 and No 4. I fitted S/H pistons to the engine and built up the top end fitting new seals, gaskets, and timing belt. The motor ran well when installed and tested. Ran in for a couple of hundred miles and then finished running in on Castle Combe circuit during Jap Fest :-))))) all seems fine so far. Took the car to Ducan (Race Dynamix) Ducan advised that he thought that the map was too lean and not enough ignition retard at high boost levels. He feels that det broke the ring lands but no one can be sure, it may have just been one of those things. I fitted a 3 Bar MAP sensor and carried out a parallel fuel rail mod just to be sure. Car seems to be pulling much stronger on the new Race Dynamix map.

17/04/2011 Gurston Down first championship round.. Arrive at Gurston and prepped the car. On checking the engine bay a little oil was again coming from the VTA dump valve breather, which was a bit of a worry. After the first run this got turned into smoke pouring from the VTA breather and the catch can was filling up with oil. I had to make a decision, do I take a chance and run or do I quit and lose the championship points. Nah, I dont do quit, were running. I jury rigged a second catch can fabricated out of a Red Bull tin, looked quite cool :-). The run was quite stressful with smoke pouring through the vents inside the car. but managed a 37.43 which was good as it turned out that ring lands had broken on No 2 & No 4 pistons. Came 2nd out of 10 :-)))) Lol.

27/03/2011 Gurston Down test day. A day before test day I noticed oil coming out of the dump valve breather. I suspected turbo seals so teat day was cancelled. Rebuilt the turbo and prepared for the April event. Was very pleased with the way that the rebuild went as turbo very quiet and seems well balanced, unlike the driver ;-)

18 /03/2011 Gurston Down test day prep. A lot of prep for the impreza for 2011, new Eibach springs, adjustable top mounts for + 2 deg castor, extra 1 deg rear camber, whiteline uprated rear ARB, solid billet rear drop links, solid billet pitch stopper, Simtek ECU and mapping by Veysport to 1.3 Bar (touches 1.3 Bar) with antilag and launch control. Custom made V3 intercooler was fabricated to reduce unacceptably high charge temps, a VTA dump valve was also fitted. Car is making a little extra power, but with more torque, spools faster and short shifts much better. Sadly oil from the VTA dump valve (suspect turbo seals prevents me attending test day. Turbo was removed and rebuilt, also a catch tank was fitted ready for the April 17th meet.

12/09/2010 Gurston Down championship competition. The final round of the 2010 Gurston down Championship. Had a couple of poor practice runs but managed a 36.98 on the second timed run. Had to settle with 12th place, I had hoped for a top ten position really.

18/07/2010 Gurston Down championship competition. Put in a good practice two time of 36.80. Got a bit cocky on my first timed run and spun off at Hollow at around 90 Mph taking out the rear bumper on the bank, however managed to shoot into the field and the car was re-scrutineered and deemed fit to run again. It is hard when you have to get back in the car and go quick after an off, it takes focus to be quick when you feel like taking it a bit easy. But I managed a 36.90 and was pretty happy with that. Sadly Roy binned the Evo over the finish line at around 110 Mph landing upside down in the trees. Roy was Ok which was a miracle looking at what was left of his car,. However the meeting was cancelled as ofeten happens with major incidents and scores were derived from first run only. In my case, after my off that was about 60 secs :-( No championship points for that meeting, despite having run well.

20/06/2010 Gurston Down competition. Roy aand Simon in the class, also nice to see Deb's & Lewis Fanner in the Impreza. Simon was sporting the newly modified EVO but assured me that it only made about 450 Bhp when the boost was on song ;-) I ran quite well but could have done better, coming 3rd with a 36.97 sec run.

30/05/2010 Gurston Down competition. Just Roy Barker and me in the class. I pulled off a PB of 36.53 on my first timed run beating Roy :-) It wasn't to last, and Roy produced a 36.12 to take first place. I was pleased with the result, when you look at the differance in power, my 275 Bhp against Roy's 650 Bhp, I could not complain. And hey, I had a new PB :-) 17/04/10: Gurston Down first competition for 2010. Roy Barker was already in good form with the modified Evo producing 650 Bhp. It was apparent that this was going to some what dampen my chances of success this season. I also learnt that Simon Neve was working on a modified engine for his competition EVO, However Simon's car was not ready so he competed in a less modified EVO and I was able to beat him and take 2nd place producing a 37.04 sec best run.

08/04/10: Gurston Down Test Day. I never put in good times on test day and this test day was no exception seeing 37.48 secs BTD for me. However the car ran well and the set up was good, just the driver to sort out now ;-)

18/03/10:Ready to roll for the 2010 season. The Hydronic oil cooler is fitted and is a complete success. This self designed cooler will ensure that heat is taken away from the engine during extreme loading and RPM which we always use during a speed hillclimb event. I have also fitted some Sparco Sprint V seats which have dropped a bit of weight compared to the stock seats but also give a better driving position and better driver stability on heavy cornering with high G's in the turn.I will run on the R888's from last season at present. The car is basically ready for test day.

10/02/10:Preperation begins for the 2010 season. As the work begins for the 2010 season I am pleased to announce that Chris Piper of CP Lubricants has agreed to continue sponsorship for 2010. A big thanks to Chris, if you have not checked the CP Lubricants site then please do so: Click Here Chris can offer expert advice on lubricants and supply the correct product for your application. The car is pretty much ready to run though I will be fitting a special water cooled oil cooler for this season. this self designed cooler uses an independant cooling circuit, pump and heat exchanger coupled to the stock Type RA modine cooler. We may look at some lightweight seats and a new set of tyres for the advan wheels.

24/09/09:Event 13th September 2009 The weather was looking good on Sunday 13th and it would seem likely that we would enjoy a dry track for the day. With the new engine fitted to the Scooby it became apparent that the car was noticeably faster but what times I could make with the new set up would only become apparent on the first practice run. Sarah had become increasingly quicker over the season and was looking unstoppable, and with the problems that I had with the car in the July championship meeting first place was highly unlikely. My focus was now on beating Nigel Watkins in the 350 BHP Porsche 964 RS. The time came and the run went well, the first is always going to be a shake down for the day and is generally pretty slow, but in this case I set a PB of 37.11 Sec which was fastest of all in class and an encouraging start. The second run produced another PB of 36.98 Secs which was my first visit into the 36 second barrier. However as I got faster I was aware of a problem, I kept hitting the rev limiter in 4th and was not sure why. It was upsetting my drive and flow but all I could do was keep pushing harder. The first timed run after lunch produced another PB of 36.86 Sec Ahead of Nigel who returned a 36.98 Sec run. Meanwhile Sarah produced a blistering 36.19 Sec which pretty much secured her win. The faster I went the more the rev limiter issue became apparent and my final run just fell apart really. Nigel produced a 36.79 Sec beating me by just 0.07 of a second taking third place in the class and second place in the championship beating me by just 0.32 of a point across the season. It transpired in the end that the rev limiter had been mistakenly set for 7000Rpm instead of 7500 Rpm when the new ECU map was programmed. If the rev limiter had been set correctly then maybe I could have made second, who knows? I will receive a small trophy for 3rd in Championship but will also receive the Logette Cup For highest placed Saloon Car in the championship. These will be awarded at the Annual award ceremony on the 13th November 2009 Final Championship results:

Sarah Bosworth 29.10 Points
Nigel Watkins 27.93 Points
Jules Freeman 27.61 Points

Overall a great season, not the result I wanted, but a good result overall. Again a big thank you to my sponsor CP LUBRICANTS I could not have got this far without your support Chris ;-)

24/08/09:Event 29th/30th August I had fitted a 100 Cell sports cat for the July meeting and as reported the car ran slower than with the stock cat. In order to try and address this problem I had a new map written for the car by Scott T of Polar perfomance. This also increased the rev limiter up to 7500 Rpm which was correct for the Type RA. So now to test the 100 Cell sports cat with the new map. Saturdays practice went well with a new PB of 37.11 so I was looking forward to the comp on Sunday. First run it started to drizzle but I booted it anyway and was going well. However climbing out of Ashes I blew a piston and finished off limping over the finish line at 55 Mph running a 40.?? Ironically I still managed to hold 2nd place out of the three competitors.
As far as I was concerned it was game over for the season, however my family and friends wanted me to keep fighting for the championship and to complete the last championship meeting on September 13th, yep just 14 days to fix the car. Well to cut a long story short, I have managed to buy a Type RA STI engine just in from Japan with 23000 Miles on it. The engine will arrive September 3rd and I am now working real hard to get the blown unit out and prepare to fit the STI lump. It is hard cos I have to do the work in my front garden and it keeps peeing down :-( but I am determined to get the car ready for the final 13th Sep.

22/07/09:Event 19th July 2009 Having fitted the 3" 100 Cell sports cat I was keen to see what performance differance it would make. Sadly the car dropped onto three cylinders climbing out of Ashes and I was only able to produce a 41.67 which was very disheartening. Git back to the paddock and checked the ignition system only to find a faulty coil pack which I quickly sorted befroe 2nd practice run. The next run went fairly well but only produced a 38.73 which was way off where I needed to be, I was now worried that all was not as it should be. First timed run was an improvement at 38.03 and as Nigel Watkins had spun off at Ashes I was running third, but still a second slower than Sarah and it was now apparent that the new down pipe set up was actually slower than the original. On carrying out further tests it became apparent that the set up was boost spiking and we would now require a remap to resolve the issues. Due to these issues I had now dropped into second place in the championship.

21/06/09:Event June 21th 2009 Ran pretty well with no issues managed to achieve 3nd out of 12 entrants. A really nice two day event.

20/06/09:Event June 20th 2009 Ran pretty well with no issues managed to achieve 2nd out of 9 entrants.

24/05/09:Event 21st/22nd May 2009 Turned out to be a glorious weekend at Gurston Down for the May Nat A Event. None of the RGSP crowd entered so I moved into Mod Prod Saloon with Geoff Twemlow who drives a seriously quick 2.1 Ltr stroker Scooby Type RA, est 370 Bhp, So I knew I could not win. Richard Hillier joined the class driving the Renault 21 Turbo to make it a three car race. My Type RA had just had a new Clutch and 4.6 Kg Fidanza lightened flywheel fitted, so this was a test weekend to allow me to get used to the new set up.The lightened flywheel certainly seems to make a big difference with the pick up and acceleration but at the cost of some loss of kinetic energy on the launch. However raising the launch revs to around 7000 Rpm makes up for this and I was able to consistently produce 1.96 second 64 feet launches. Interestingly enough I now make 91Mph over the finish line instead of 86 Mph however both finishing speeds are on the rev limiter in 4th, Weird. The car feels a lot swifter especially on the Karousel to Ashes section, but sadly despite the finish speed and other perceivedd gains my times seem to be no faster. Having said that, I prefer the way the car feels and drives with the lighter flywheel. I produced a second in class which was the expected result. No championship points were available for this British hillclimb championship meeting, so for me it was really a test day and a chance to keep my hand in. That aside it was a wonderful weekend at Gurston and one that I shan't forget, shear bliss!

21/04/09:Event 19th April 2009 Another nice day :-) The Gurston champion Steve Butts has decided to come out of the modified class and run in RGSP. Steve's Elise is bored out to 1900cc and is highly tuned. This basically means that I cant win. So we need to concentrate on second place and keep Sarah at by. 1st prctice of the day returns a warm up 38.21 with Sarah and Roy very close behind. Practice two increases this too 37.92, Ok now I need to shift up a gear for the first timed run. It is always easier if you produce a good 1st timed run, pressure off for the rest of the day. And I did, 37.55 was a good result. The second timed run only produced a 37.95 but the deed was done and 2nd in class was the best expected result. Sarah is a great competitor and she will get quicker still, so I need to as well. It was a great weekend, Sarah and Mick are very nice people to spend time with as are the old RGSP crowd that hang out at Gurston, I had a good result on both days and am running second in the Championship. The RA goes in for a new clutch and a lightened flywheel on 28th April and we will be back to do it all again in May.

21/04/09:Event 18th April 2009 Weather looking good as I approached Gurston at stupid O'clock in the morning. Put in a pretty good first run of 38.98. Still no swirl tank so running on 3/4 tank of fuel. I have fitted two intercooler fans to help reduce heat soak while waiting on the start line. Second practice produces a very scary 37.77, where did that come from? 1st timed run not so good as I missed a gear change and had fuel surge out of Karousel but still managed to break my class record with a 38.40. So it's all on the second run and the boy makes good breaking the record again with a 37.44, 1st in class job done. I have noticed that competitor Sarah Bosworth in a Lotus Elise is getting quicker and quicker. Tomorrows event is going to be a great battle, also watching out for Roy Barker in the Evo 5.

06/04/09:Test Day The weather was good for test day and the track dried nicely once we got a few cars running on it. I had as usual gone to Gurston with high hopes of bearing the the fruit of my hard labour and hard earned cash in the form of better times. Alas it was not to be. I was lucky to run a very low 39.07, Why? Well a number of facts may attribute to poor performance. I was rusty but should not have been after fifteen runs! The suspension felt better but the new springs are still too soft IMO. I was getting heavy heat soak on the intercooler and saw IC temps of 60 deg C at one point. Swirl tank still not fitted I again had fuel surge later in the day. The clutch on the RA is also now getting near the end of it's life and will need replacing. Overall a great day but sadly I desperatly need to find more speed and feel that it is really more down to me than the car.

29/01/09: Preperation for the 2009 season. Preperation has begun for the 2009 season. 2009 MSA licence is on it's way, BARC membership renewal just about to be sent. The big focus is on the Gurston Down test day on April 5th. This year there is a great deal of testing to do. We need to check two sets of performance wheel tyre combinations to establish which is best for the hill. Techniques such as left foot breaking will be tried to prevent turbo lag coming out of turns. We also need to establish gear change rpm to promote the best loading to promote max boost. All of these tecniques are vital to performance and success of the 2009 season. First we need to be accepted for the test day, then the hard work begins. I still need to fit the swirl tank to the car else it is pretty much ready to go.

05/12/08:Sponsership accepted for 2009 campaign A big thanks to Chris Piper of CP Lubricants for agreeing to support us in 2009. Chris provided lubes for us at the end of the season when I first bought the Type RA. Chris will now support the events next season. Please check Chris's website: Click Here Chris is working on some new decals for the car, and we hope to get them seen during MTV coverage on sky TV in 2009.

14/11/08: 2009 RGP in Championship get's Green Light It has now been announced that the Road Going Production class has been entered into the Gurston Down Championship. It is decided that this would be good way forward for Type RA Sprinting in 2009. We will enter the championship. The main reason for the decision is cost. To be competitive in Mod Prod saloon would require some pretty expensive upgrades to the Type RA. So as an alternative we can compete in RGP with the car in standard guise. The season will start with test day on Aril 5th if we are accepted (there are only 40 places drawn by ballot). We still need to find sponsorship in order to compete. An email has been sent out to start the sponsorship campaign.

01/11/08: 2009 Sponsor Required Having achieved the RGP Class record at Gurston Down Click Here We are looking for new sponsors to allow us to continue our campaign in 2009. It is possible that the RGP class will be included in the championship next year and if this is the case then we want to enter the Impreza with Jules as the driver. There are many benefits for full season sponser's including but not limited to:Championship coverage on Sky Sports Motors TV, Full graphics on the car, use of photographs and write ups for corporate marketing, Car available for shows corporate events and track days, As much space on the web site for advertising etc, any other requirements considered. There are many other benefits available for single event sponsors, sponsorship starts at as little as 50.00 for a single event. The marketing possibilities are fantastic and your corporate graphics could be seen on MTV many times in a season, the car is also driven on the roads daily so exposure is not just restricted to race meetings, yet the cost of a seasons sponsorship can be less than three monthly magazine adverts.E-mail Jules for more information.

03/11/08: Type RA Sprinting is Live! Type RA Sprinting is live, the graphics are on the car and hopefully you have seen us around the Eastleigh / Southampton area and dropped in on the site. We will hopefully start the Season next year with the Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb test day on 5th April 2009 (if we are accepted). We hold the Road Going Production Class record at Gurston down and there is talk of the class being eligible for the championship in 2009. If this is the case we will campaign the class with the Impreza and enter the championship. The event is broadcast on Sky Motors TV so this is an excellent oppertunity for any company looking for publicity. I am happy to make the car exclusive for publicity for 1000 for the entire season. This will include graphics permanently on the car, photographs for publicity use, car available for shows, track days, events etc. Please contact me if you are interested. We are hoping to attend some track days next year and can make the car avaialble for your corporate fuction offering passenger laps of famous circuits by arrangement. Please use the email button to contact Jules for more information or phone 07810 207301.