Preperation is everthing in Motorsport

The WRX Type RA is pretty well specified straight from the Subaru factory, and as we may continue to campaign the car in the RGP class then there are only certain modifications that we can do. The car has a full 6 point roll cage with diagonal cross brace. In my mind this is a must have safety feature. The weight of the cage is an issue but it will help to stiffen the not that stiff (in my opinion) GC8 Chassis which is a bonus for the weight. I feel that the cage and a good harness give the confidence to push a bit harder, knowing that if it all goes wrong you at least have some decent protection. I also uprated the not very convincing stock brakes. to slotted and drilled rotors and Yellow Stuff pads, as well as fitting Goodrich stainless braided lines and DOT 5.1 non silicon fluid. The Japspeed 3" exhaust and 100 Cell Cat downpipe certainly improved turbo spool. I fitted the Luke 3" 4 point harness out of the Mr2. The biggest upgrade to performance are the Toyo Proxes R888 road legal track tyres. These tyres offer awesome grip in the dry or wet. The sprint tyres are fitted to the stock Scooby 15" road wheels and by increasing the width to 215 and reducing the profile to 50 the gearing is slightly dropped from stock.

I also have a set of 16"Advan wheels with 225/45 Toyo T1R tyres for road use. The biggest let down on the car had been the suspension, but I have fitted Koni inserts into the stock strut tubes and changed the springs to PI loweing. I cannot use coil overs in the RGP Class, but TBH this configuration is very convincing. The rear ARB has been replaced with Whiteline 20mm and the plastic drop links replaced for billet alloy. I have also dialled additional camber into the rear geo. Car is now upgraded with Simtek ECU offering improved performance, launch control and antilag. The intercooler has been replaced by a custom TMIC designed and fabricated by by myself out of a V3 TMIC. I have avoided fitting a FMIC to reduce lag. The injectors have also been replaced with 440cc yellow ones. In order to allow more air to enter the turbo, the resonator box and unrequired MAF sensor have been removed and a 3" Cold Ram air system fitted to the O/S fog light cover. Boost is curently 1.25 Bar on the stock engine internals.

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